Restaurant management system POS

We are providing web bases online restaurant management systems with POS and restaurant invoice monitoring system.

Please note: We have a standard POS for restaurants and it can also be customized as per your requirements.

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Features of restaurant management system

We designed these features to get you the most out of it

Multi Store POS

Our restaurant POS let you add multiple stores. If you have more than one locations you can add them in one system and can manage separately which will sync all the progress.

Role Management

You can allocate and manage the roles in management system which will differentiate customers, manager, employees, suppliers and owner.

Invoice Monitoring

You can generate and print invoices in one click. You can also store all invoices in database and monitor for later usage.

Expense Calculation

You can calculate all of your raw material purchases and expenses in single dashboard. You will get automated expense report. 

Report Generation

Your interval based report will be generated automatically. You can generate synchronized sales report, employees report and expense report of desired interval.

Customer Record

You can create a strong database of your customers. This system allows you to create profile of your customers and record their transactions.

restaurant invoice monitoring system



You don’t need to get special training to use our restaurant invoice monitoring system. This easy to use POS let’s anyone use it with just a little knowledge. However, our team will give a brief of this system to your employees.



You will get your restaurant management system customized according to your branding. We understand branding is not just important for your external customers but also for your internal customers. 



You will get to see your restaurant progress in real time. You can generate different reports and daily/monthly status in  restaurant management system.

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